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Trekking in Nepal, Himalaya opens up new horizons of awareness, blending physical challenge with mental relaxation and a spiritual elation inspired by splendid scenery and heartwarming human encounters. It is an experience that will expand your appreciation of the world and give you a new perspective on you own life.


Tours in Nepal means discover on foot, bicycle, motorbike, car, 4 wheels drive or other mode of vehicle. We organize totally guided Tours in Nepal by cultural expert and with all kind of transport required. From these tours you will really understand myth and legend of temples and god goddess in Nepal.


We are a company with a passion for our work and commitment to providing our clients with specialized services of the highest quality in a competitive market price. All the staff continuously upgrade their skills, knowledge of the travel trade and the areas we cover on our tours. We take the utmost pride and care in our work for serving tourists.

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